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The Fit2Go Approach

The Fit2Go Approach to Personal Training


When we take on a client, we consider it our responsibility for that client to reach his/her goals.


Let’s clarify that.


We want our clients to reach their true goals. A client may say he/she wants to lose 10 pounds, yet the reason for that weight loss is usually something like more energy for friends & family, improved self-confidence & body-image, or reducing chronic back pain. Once we identify a client’s true goals, we can develop a personalized program to accomplish not only the means (losing 10 lbs) but also the end (the true goal). The program that we develop includes everything necessary for that client’s success.

Our job isn’t to give personal training sessions. Our job is to get results.

Fit2Go PT Approach


In-home, outdoors, at the office gym — wherever you like.


No more wasted time driving to and from a gym. No more dodging strangers’ sweat and creepy stares.


Our trainers come to you and bring all necessary equipment for your workout.


After your initial consultation, your trainer will design your personalized fitness program together with our Fitness Director.


Each workout and each exercise that you perform will be hand selected to systematically progress you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching

Have you ever been excited to start a diet?


Neither have we. More importantly, diets don’t work. “Going on a diet” implies that you will eventually be coming off that diet, at which point you will likely gain back all the weight you lost (or more).


Our approach is to look at your current eating habits and then make small, but consistent, changes.


Why? We want your results to last for life.

Nationally Certified Personal Trainers

Did you know that the personal training industry is unregulated?


That’s right. Your grandmother can legally call herself a personal trainer. It’s no surprise that personal trainers get a bad rap for being “dumb jocks”, impersonal, or straight-out unprofessional.


We seek to change this view of our industry.


Each Fit2Go trainer is nationally certified from one of the top 3 organizations in the country (NASM, ACSM, or ACE). Furthermore, our trainers are screened based on personality to ensure that we provide only the most professional, knowledgeable, and motivating trainers in the industry.

READY TO MAKE A CHANGE? See if you qualify for your own in-home personal training program.

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