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Dani Singer

CEO & Director

But hang on… why the hell should you listen to me?


It’s a fair question.


Look, the fitness industry is filled with scam artists and people who — quite frankly — have no idea what they’re talking about.


That’s why if you Google any fitness question, you’ll get 100 different answers from 150 different “experts”.


It frustrates the hell out of me.


It frustrates me because it’s unfair to you.

You want to take care of yourself.


You’re willing to put in the work.


You’re ready to make this weight loss dream a reality.


And yet, if you’re like most people, you’ve been fed questionable fitness info, and unsustainable fitness plans.


It sounds cliche, but… if you’re struggling with fitness, it really isn’t your fault.


You’re not failing fitness — the fitness industry is failing you. Just like it’s failing the majority of the country.


So I’ve spent my career trying to fight the B.S.




I serve as a fitness expert for media outlets like Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, and Livestrong.


I also teach hundreds of thousands of trainers all around the world.


But I spend most of my time as CEO of Fit2Go Personal Training — my passion project.


I’ll tell you a bit more about Fit2Go in the upcoming days, but for now, enjoy the weight loss guide.


Read it through, and *please* take action.


Listen, I’m giving this to you for free because I’m hoping it will impact your life.


So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate — respond to the email in your inbox right away and let’s chat.


Alright, enjoy the guide, my friend.




-Coach Dani

With that in mind, I hope these 10-minute P.A.U.L. workouts are the catalyst that allow you to take control of your own fitness, and hence your quality of life.

Alright. You ready?

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Join the Busy Baltimore Fitness Tribe

This is the free Facebook group I started for busy working professionals in Baltimore committed to staying fit. We discuss key tips for these workouts in the group, so you’ll want to join before you proceed.

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Step Two: Download your 10-minute P.A.U.L. workouts.

P.A.U.L Workout #1

P.A.U.L. Workout #2.

P.A.U.L. Workout #3