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Before I give you these 3 workouts, let me introduce myself real quick.

I’m Dani. I live in Canton (I’m the house with the cutest dog), and for the last 4 years, I’ve run Fit2Go — Baltimore’s in-home personal training service for busy professionals.

Dani Singer Fit2Go Headshot – Cropped

Dani Singer

CEO & Director

I’ve found that the biggest challenge for busy professionals isn’t actually “self-discipline”.

It’s time.

If you’re always on-the-go like my clients and I are, then you might find it difficult to get to the gym.

Guess what?

So do I.

And I’m a freakin’ personal trainer.

Here’s the truth:

Gyms rely on 2/3 members never actually showing up.

In other words, there is an entire business model built around your failure.

That’s disgusting.

That’s why I started Fit2Go Personal Training.

We’re a local Baltimore company that specializes in helping busy professionals make fitness practical via in-home personal training.

But personal training takes an investment, and some people aren’t ready to make it. Plus, we have a limited number of client spots.

I want to help as many busy Baltimore residents as possible. So I’m giving you these workouts for free.

I’m also going to share with you the biggest secret in the fitness industry:

There is no best workout.

But there is always a best workout for you.

It’s the workout that works with your life. It’s the workout that you can stick to.

It’s the workout that enhances your life instead of consuming it.

With that in mind, I hope these 10-minute P.A.U.L. workouts are the catalyst that allow you to take control of your own fitness, and hence your quality of life.

Alright. You ready?

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Join the Busy Baltimore Fitness Tribe

This is the free Facebook group I started for busy working professionals in Baltimore committed to staying fit. We discuss key tips for these workouts in the group, so you’ll want to join before you proceed.

Busy Baltimore Fitness Tribe Cover Photo

—> Request to join the Busy Baltimore Fitness Tribe

Step Two: Download your 10-minute P.A.U.L. workouts.

P.A.U.L Workout #1

P.A.U.L. Workout #2.

P.A.U.L. Workout #3