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How to Lose Weight: The Basics of Weight Loss

Weight loss is simple. Yup, I said it. And I’ll say it again: weight loss is simple. Now before you have the urge to slit my throat, allow me to clarify. Weight loss may not be EASY, but the science behind it is very simple....

5 Ways Gyms Screw Over Personal Trainers

  Chris had no doubt in his mind. Whilst his peers spent their undergrad years switching between majors, trying to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives -- Chris had zero doubts. Chris knew what he wanted to do. He knew what he was going...

stop trying
Stop trying

  Today I’m going to be the anti-personal trainer. I’m going to yell at the guy yelling at you to do 10 more push ups. Why? Because the problem is trying. I’ll explain. When we try to do something -- especially something we really care about -- we tend to take...

Fat Loss Tip
Fat Loss Tip: Create Space

Scenario:   You're sitting on your couch after a long day at work. Suddenly, you notice you're craving chocolate. Instinctively, you reprimand yourself for having such a craving. Next, you question whether you have enough willpower to beat the craving. You then discover that you eating the chocolate is just inevitable....

Why You Shouldn’t Want to be a Fit Person

[vc_separator type='transparent' position='center' color='' thickness='30' up='' down=''] You say: "I want to be a fit person". I say: "That statement is stopping you from getting there." Here's why. [vc_separator type='transparent' position='center' color='' thickness='30' up='' down=''] [vc_separator type='transparent' position='center' color='' thickness='30' up='' down='']   Comment on Facebook....

Why Me Getting Robbed at Gunpoint Is The Same As You Losing Fat

Seemed like a good idea at the time. It was 2am, and I couldn’t sleep. Why not walk to the gym? I’ll tell you why not. I live in Baltimore City. That’s why not. “Don’t be racist, they’re two fine young gentlemen out for a stroll,” I told...

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