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Best Personal Trainers in Baltimore

Fit2Go Personal Training is Baltimore’s leading in-home personal training service — perfect for busy working professionals, parents, and gym haters.

Since 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of Baltimore residents lose fat, “tone up”, get strong, and ultimately change their lives through completely customized exercise and nutrition programs.

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Check out some Fit2Go client stories below:


Fit2Go helps busy professionals in Baltimore get fit and healthy — and stay fit and healthy — with practical and enjoyable fitness coaching.

Fit2Go Client Stories: Jeremy lost 20 pounds with his personal trainer and completely changed his life.

Improved Self-Confidence

Jeremy wasn’t happy with his own self-image, so he spent 2015 transforming his body along with his mind.

Fit2Go Client Stories: Mickey was dreading his hip replacement surgery, so he planned ahead by drastically improving his strength & stability with his personal trainer.

Happier & Healthier Lifestyle

Mickey was dreading his hip-replacement surgery, so he planned ahead by drastically improving his strength & stability.

personal training testimonials baltimor
personal training testimonials baltimor
personal training testimonials baltimor

It’s a unique bond that is created between Fit2Go client and trainer.


Personalized Program Design

Cookie cutter fitness programs just don't cut it for us. Your entire program will be designed specifically for you.

Nutrition Coaching

We look at the whole picture and provide everything necessary for your success.

Exercise Equipment

Our trainers don't show up empty handed. We'll provide everything you need for your workout.


Each Fit2Go trainer is nationally certified from one of the top organizations in the country.


You may have seen some questionable business practices at gyms. You won't have to worry with Fit2Go.


Our secret to success is actually pretty simple: We care. Many of our clients remain close with their trainers years after their programs.

Some of our Personal Training Areas in Baltimore:


Towson is a nice mix between city and suburb, so Fit2Go clients have some options with regard to where they meet their personal trainers. Some work out in their apartment gyms, some in their living rooms or backyards, and others in a local park. We also get a number of clients from Towson University, since some of our trainers specialize in training athletes.

towson personal trainer

Owings Mills

Ah, Owings Mills, home of our Baltimore Ravens’ “The Castle”. Owings Mills is a bit similar to Towson in that it’s a suburb with a city-feel to it, so Fit2Go clients can meet their personal trainer at home or in a local outdoor spot. Many Owings Mills residents also work downtown, and therefore elect to meet their personal trainers at the client’s Baltimore office.

owing mills personal trainer

Baltimore City

Baltimore City is where our office is located, and it’s a prime city for in-home personal training. There are many working professionals and busy parents in Baltimore City that want to take care of their health & fitness, but simply don’t have time to go to a gym. Most Fit2Go clients in the city meet their trainers at the office or at home (whether it’s in the apartment gym or the client’s living room/backyard). Baltimore also has some beautiful outdoor parks, so clients have that option as well for their sessions.

baltimor city personal trainer


Pikesville has tightly packed apartment complexes as well as spaced out houses — both of which are great for in-home personal training. Like the other Baltimore City suburbs, Pikesville houses a large number of residents who work downtown, so some choose to meet their trainers at their offices. Pikesville also has a large religious population, who appreciate the option to have a personal trainer come to them and work out with more privacy.

pikesville personal trainer


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